Terms of Use

Article 1. Purpose
The purpose of this Terms and Conditions is to specify the rights and obligations as well as responsibilities of the online store (hereinafter referred to as ‘RARE MARKET’) and its users when using the Internet related services (hereinafter referred to as “Services”) provided by RARE MARKET which is operated by RARE MARKET Co., Ltd.

※ Unless otherwise specified to the contrary, these Terms and Conditions shall be applied to the electronic commerce using PC telecommunication and wireless communication.

Article 2. Definitions
① “RARE MARKET” shall refer to a virtual business place established by the company in order for users to transact goods or services with information communications equipment including computers for the purpose of providing the services to members, and it shall be used to mean a business place operating ‘RARE MARKET’.
② “Users” shall refer to members and non-members who get access to “RARE MARKET” and receive the services provided by the company under these Terms and Conditions
③ “Members” shall refer to those who have registered their membership by providing their personal information, and continue to be provided with information of “RARE MARKET” and continue to use the services provided by “RARE MARKET”.
④ “Non-members” shall refer to person who use the services provided by ‘RARE MARKET’ without subscribing to membership.

Article 3. Specification, Description, and Revision of the Terms and Conditions
① ”RARE MARKET” posts on its initial service screen of ‘RARE MARKET’ with the contents of the Terms and Conditions, name of the Company and representative, address of sales office (including the address of places where the consumers’ complaints may be settled), contacts(telephone no. or fax no.), e-mail address, business registration no., telecommunication sales filing no. and person in charge of managing the personal information so that the users may easily check the information. However, the contents of the Terms and Conditions may be designed so that the users check them through the link.
② Before the user agrees to the Terms and Conditions, “RARE MARKET” shall request the user’s confirmation by providing the separate linked screen or pop-up screen so that the user may understand the important matters on of offer, shipping liability and refund conditions among the contents of the Terms and Conditions.
③ ”RARE MARKET” may revise the Terms and Conditions to the extent that it does not violate the related laws, such as, the Act on Protection of Consumers in Electronic Commercial Transaction, Act on Regulation of Terms and Conditions, Framework Act on Electronic Commerce, Electronic Signature Act, Act on the Promotion of Information and Communication Network, and Act on the Visit Sale and Consumer Protection Act.
④ In the event that “RARE MARKET” wants to revise the Terms and Conditions, it shall post the date of application and cause of revision on ‘RARE MARKET’’s initial screen along with the current Terms and Conditions at least 7 days before its application.
However, when the Terms and Conditions are revised in a way that the revision would make the users disadvantaged, it shall post it at least 30 days prior to the application. In this case, ‘RARE MARKET’ shall display the clear comparison between the current ones and the revised ones so that the user may easily understand them.
⑤ In the event that “RARE MARKET” revises the Terms and Conditions, the revised ones should be applicable to the contracts made after the date of its application. Therefore, the contracts made before the revision would be applied with the previous Terms and Conditions. If the users want to apply the revised ones to their contacts, they may inform their intention to ‘RARE MARKET’. If their intentions are approved, the revised one would apply.
⑥ Matters not specified in this Terms and Conditions and the interpretation follows the provisions of the Act on the Protection of Consumers in Electronic Commerce, Act on the Regulation of the Terms and Conditions, the Instruction on the Protection of Consumers in Electronic Commerce as specified by Fair Trade Commission, related laws and general commercial practices.

Article 4. Provision and Modification of Services
① “RARE MARKET” shall perform the following businesses.
1. Provision of information on goods or services and execution of purchase agreements
2. Shipping of goods or services according to the purchase agreements
3. Other matters specified by ‘RARE MARKET’.
② ‘RARE MARKET’ may change the contents of goods or services to be provided to the users according to the contract to be made in the future when the goods or services are in shortage or there are changes in the technical specification of them. In this case, ‘RARE MARKET’ shall immediately post the modified goods or services and the date of delivery at the place where the goods or services are currently posted.
③ In case when ‘RARE MARKET’ has to change the contents of services in the contract with users due to the shortage of goods or change in the technical specification, it shall immediately inform the users with the causes for the changes through the available address of users.
④ In the event of the previous Paragraph, ‘RARE MARKET’ shall compensate the users for inflicted damaged. But this does not apply when ‘RARE MARKET’ proves that it was not intentional or caused by any negligence.

Article 5. Suspension of Services
① ‘RARE MARKET’ may temporarily stop the provision of services when there are repair and checking, replacement, failure of telecommunication equipment or failure of telecommunication.
② ‘RARE MARKET’ shall pay compensate for damages incurred to the users due to the temporary suspension of services as specified in the provision above. But this does not apply when ‘RARE MARKET’ proves that it was not intentional or caused by any negligence.
③ When ‘RARE MARKET’ fails to provide the services due to the change of business items, cancellation of business and merging with other businesses, it shall inform it to the users according to Article 8 and compensate the users according to the conditions provided by ‘RARE MARKET’. If ‘RARE MARKET’ did not post any notice on the compensation criteria, it may pay in goods or cash which is equivalent to the mileage or deposit of the users.

Article 6. Membership
① The user may apply for a membership of ‘RARE MARKET’ by filling out the application with the member’s information in the form provided by ‘RARE MARKET’ and indicate for its consent to the Terms and Conditions.
② If the applicant wants to become a member of ‘RARE MARKET’ as specified above, ‘RARE MARKET’ may allow the applicant to register its members unless the applicant falls on one of the followings.
1. The applicant has lost the membership due to article 7 of the Terms and Conditions unless he or she obtains the approval for rejoining as 3 years or more have passed since the revocation of membership.
2. There is false information registered or filled in.
3. It is decided that the registration of the applicant as a member would provide much technical difficulty.

③ The contract of membership takes effective when the approval of ‘RARE MARKET’ reaches the applicant.
④ If there is any change in member’s information registered, the member shall immediately inform the changes to ‘RARE MARKET’ via email or other ways.

Article 7. Cancellation or disqualification of membership
① A member may ask for termination of membership any time. In that case, ‘RARE MARKET’ shall immediately take actions to terminate the membership.
② The event that a member falls under each of the following reasons, ‘RARE MARKET’ may restrict or discontinue his or her membership qualifications:
A. In the event that a member has registered false information at the time of applying for membership;
B. In the event that a member has not paid amounts for goods, etc. he or she has purchased by suing ‘RARE MARKET’, or any other obligations to be borne by the member with respect to the use of ‘RARE MARKET’;
C. In the event that a member threatens orders in electronic commercial transactions obstructing third parties’ uses of ‘RARE MARKET’ or misappropriating the information; or
D. In the event that a member engages in activities that are prohibited under the laws or these Terms and Conditions, or are against the public orders and good morals by using ‘RARE MARKET’.

③ In the event that after ‘RARE MARKET’ has restricted or suspended the membership qualifications for a member, the member repeats the same activity no less than twice or the reason is not corrected within thirty (30) days, ‘RARE MARKET’ may forfeit the membership.
④ In the event that ‘RARE MARKET’ has forfeited the membership qualifications, it shall give the member a notice thereof and handle the withdrawal. In this case, ‘RARE MARKET’ shall give the member such a notice and provide an opportunity to explain away by designating a period of at least not less than thirty (30) days before his or her withdrawal from membership.

Article 8. Notifications for members
① When ‘RARE MARKET’ provides notice to the member, it may use the email address previously provide by the member. ‘RARE MARKET’ may post the general notices through the pop-up screen for more than one (1) week instead of giving individual notices to general members. But if the information has big effect on the transaction with the member, ‘RARE MARKET’ shall provide notice to individual members.

Article 9. Placing order
① The users of ‘RARE MARKET’ shall apply for purchased on ‘RARE MARKET’ in the following or similar ways, and ‘RARE MARKET’ shall provide each of the following provisions in an easily understandable way when users apply for purchase; provided, however, that in the case of members, the application of Section 2 or 4 shall be excepted.
- Searching and selecting goods, etc.
- Entering names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses (or mobile phone numbers)
- Verifying the provisions of these Terms and Conditions of Use, services for which the right to withdraw offer is restricted, provisions related to payment of costs, including shipping costs.
- Consenting these Terms and Conditions of Use, indicating confirmation or refusal of matters in Section 3 (e.g., clicking with a mouse)
- Applying for purchase of goods, etc. verifying the applications, or consenting to the confirmations of ‘RARE MARKET’
- Selecting payment methods.

Article 10. Formation of Agreement
① In each of the following cases, ‘RARE MARKET’ shall not approve the applications for purchase as described in Article 9; provided, however, that where ‘RARE MARKET’ shall notify that where it enters into an agreement with a minor, if consent from a legal representative is not obtained, the minor or a legal representative may cancel the agreement:
- In the event that the applications have false information, omitted information, or mistaken entries;
- In the event that a minor purchases goods or services prohibited under the Teenagers Protection Act, such as cigarettes, alcohols; or
- In the event that ‘RARE MARKET’’s approval of application for purchase is found to cause a serious difficulty in ‘RARE MARKET’’s technologies otherwise.

② An agreement shall be formed at the time when approval by ‘RARE MARKET’ has arrived at a user in the form of a receipt confirmation notification in Article 12 Section 1.
③ ‘RARE MARKET’’s manifestation of its intention to approve shall include information on confirmation of users’ applications for purchase and possibilities of sales, cancellation of corrections of application for purchase, etc.
④ Colors: ‘RARE MARKET’s goal is to describe the products at the Website as correctly as possible. However, please note that due to the color settings of your computer, the colors of the products shown in the pictures on the Website can differ somewhat from their actual colors. ‘RARE MARKET’ cannot be held responsible for any such discrepancy.
⑤ Prices: The prices and delivery costs shown on the Website include VAT. The prices and delivery costs shown on the Website may vary from time to time and ‘RARE MARKET’ is not bound by the price until ‘RARE MARKET’ has accepted the order by sending the shipping confirmation to you. If you have placed an order and the price has changed before we have accepted your order (by sending you the shipping confirmation), we will notify you by e-mail about the price change and give you the option to place a new order with the new price or cancel the old order. If we are unable to contact you, your order will be cancelled. ‘RARE MARKET’ always reserves the right to cancel any order prior to our acceptance of the order. If we already have received payment for a cancelled order we will refund you the amount of the purchase. Please also note the ‘RARE MARKET’ may cancel the order even if it has been accepted by ‘RARE MARKET’ under the condition that you realize or should have realized that the price information was incorrect. The delivery costs are shown in connection with the shipping methods at the checkout stage.

Article 11. Payments
① Payment Method
The payments for the goods or services purchased at ‘RARE MARKET’ may be made with available methods among each of the following methods; ‘RARE MARKET’ shall not add to the prices of goods, etc. and charge any fee in whatever name with respect to users’ payment method :
A. Various account transfers, including phone baking, the Internet banking, mail banking;
B. Various payment by card, including prepayment card, debit card, credit card;
C. Online no-bank book deposit;

② Currency: Your card will be charged in the currency you choose: USD $. The price displayed to you at the checkout is the price you pay. This will not vary later whatever currency fluctuations occur. Refunds will also be set at the price you paid not the price in the currency concerned at the date of refund.

Article 12. Notification of Receipt Confirmation, Change or Cancellation of Application for Purchase
① In the event that a user applies for purchase, ‘RARE MARKET’ shall notify the user of its receipt conformation.
② When a user receives a notice of its receipt confirmation and there are differing opinions as to the manifestation of intentions, etc., the user may request change or cancellation of application for purchase immediately after receiving a notice of receipt confirmation. Upon request by a user before shipping, ‘RARE MARKET’ shall without delay handle this matter according to the request; provided, however, that where payments have been previously made, the provision on withdrawal of offer, etc. in Article 15 shall apply.

Article 13 Supply of Goods, etc.
① Unless there is a separate agreement with a user otherwise as for the time for supply of the goods, etc., ‘RARE MARKET’ shall take any other measures including ordering, producing, packing, etc. to ensure that the goods, etc. can be shipped within seven (7) days from the date when the user has given an offer; provided, however, that where ‘RARE MARKET’ has received the prices for goods, etc. in whole or in part, it shall take measures within seven (7) business days from the date of its receipt of the prices in whole or in part. In this case, ‘RARE MARKET’ shall take appropriate measures to ensure that users can verify the supply procedures for goods, etc. and the progresses.
② With respect to the goods purchased by users, ‘RARE MARKET’ shall specify the shipping means, payer of shipping costs by means, the shipping period by means, etc. If ‘RARE MARKET’ has exceeded the agreed shipping period, it shall compensate for damages incurred to users as a result; provided, however, that an exception shall be made where ‘RARE MARKET’ can prove its absence of willfulness or negligence.

Article 14 Returns
In the event that ‘RARE MARKET’ is unable to deliver or provide the goods, etc. applied for purchase by users on grounds that they have been sold out, it shall without delay notify users of the grounds. If ‘RARE MARKET’ has previously received prices for the goods, etc., it shall return the prices or take necessary measures for returns within seven (7) business days from the date of its receipt of the prices.

Article 15 Withdrawal of Offer, etc.
① In the event that a user has entered into an agreement on purchase of the goods, etc. with ‘RARE MARKET’, the user may withdraw his or her officer within seven (7) days from the date when he or she has received a notice of receipt confirmation.
② In the event that a user has received the goods, etc., the user may return or exchange the goods in each of the following cases:
- In the event that the goods, etc. have been lost or damaged with a user’s fault (provided, however, that a user may withdraw his or her offer where he or she has damaged packing, etc. to verify the content of the goods, etc.);
- In the event that the value of the goods, etc. has been seriously reduced by use or particular consumption by users;
- In the event that the value of the goods, etc. has been seriously reduced by a lapse of times to the extent that it is difficult to resell the goods, etc.; or
- In the event that it is possible to duplicate goods, etc. with the same functions, or where the original copies for packing of the goods, etc. have been damaged.
③ In case of Section 2 No. 2 or No. 4, unless ‘RARE MARKET’ has taken prior measures of specifying the restrictions on withdrawal of offer, etc. at a place where consumers can easily see them or providing test goods, users’ withdrawal of offers shall not be restricted.
④ Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 1 or 2, in the event that the content of goods, etc. is different from the labels or advertisements or is performed differently from the agreements, a user may withdraw his or her offer within three (3) months from the date of his or her receipt of the goods, etc. or within thirty (30) days from the date when he or she has come to know or could have known thereof.

Article 16 Consequences of Withdrawal of Offer, etc.
① When ‘RARE MARKET’ obtains the returned goods from the user, it shall refund the amount it received from the users within 3 working days after the receipt. In this case, if ‘RARE MARKET’ delays the refund, it shall pay the penalty in the interest rate specified in the Fair Trade Commission during the delayed period.
② If the users paid the goods with their credit card or electronic currency, ‘RARE MARKET’ shall ask the settlement service provider to revoke the payment.
③ In the revocation of the purchasing, the expenses for the return of the goods are to be borne by the users. ‘RARE MARKET’ does not ask the users for compensation for the revocation of the purchasing. But if the revocation of purchasing was conducted due to the discrepancy between contents of the goods and those of advertisement, the expenses for return of the goods shall be borne by ‘RARE MARKET’.
④ When the users bear the expenses of transportation fee for the goods when they receive the goods and the purchase has been revoked, ‘RARE MARKET’ shall clearly indicate who is to bear the expenses.

Article 17 Protection of Personal Information
① ‘RARE MARKET’ shall collect the minimum information necessary to perform a purchase agreement in collecting information of the users. The following matters shall be required, and other matters shall be selective.
A. Name
B. Address
C. Cellular phone number
D. Desired ID (for members)
E. Password, (for members)
F. E-mail address
② ‘RARE MARKET’ must obtain consent from users when collecting the personal information with which the users can be personally identified.
③ ‘RARE MARKET’ shall not use for other purposes or provide to a third party the provided personal information without consent by the user, and ‘RARE MARKET’ shall take all responsibilities therefor; provided, however, that exceptions shall be made in each of the following cases:
- In the event that ‘RARE MARKET’ gives shipping companies for shipping duties the minimum information of users (names, addresses, telephone numbers) necessary to provide shipping services ;
- In the event that the personal information is provided in a form that specific individuals cannot be identified as necessary to execute statistics, conduct academic study or market investigation
- In the event that it is necessary to make payments for transactions of goods, etc. ;
- In the event that it is necessary to verify identifications in order to prevent misappropriations; or
- In the event that there is an unavoidably ground under the provisions of laws or required under the laws.
④ In the event that ‘RARE MARKET’ is required to obtain consent from users under Section 2 or 3, it shall specify in advance or publicly announce the matters prescribed under Article 22 Section 2 of Act Relating to Information Communications Network Use Promotion and Information Protection, etc., including the identity of personal information control manager (affiliation, name, telephone number, and any other contract information), the purpose of collecting and using information, relevant matters for provisions of information to third parties (information recipient, the purpose of provision, the content of information to be provided, etc.), and users may at any time withdraw the consent.
⑤ Users may at any time read or correct errors in their own personal information held by ‘RARE MARKET’, and ‘RARE MARKET’ shall have the obligation to take necessary measures therefor without delay. In the event that users have requested correction of errors, ‘RARE MARKET’ shall not use the personal information until the errors are corrected.
⑥ ‘RARE MARKET’ shall limit and minimize the number of managers to protect personal information, and shall take all responsibilities for damages incurred to users as a result of losses, robberies, outflows, alterations, etc. of personal information of users including credit cards, bank accounts.
⑦ ‘RARE MARKET’ or a third party that has received the personal information from ‘RARE MARKET’ shall without delay destroy the personal information when the purpose of collecting or receiving the personal information has been fulfilled.

Article 18 Duties of ‘RARE MARKET’
① ‘RARE MARKET’ shall not engage in any activity prohibited under relevant laws and these Terms and Conditions or against the public orders and good morals, and shall use its best efforts to provide goods or services continuously and securely as provided under these Terms and Conditions.
② ‘RARE MARKET’ shall have a security system to protect personal information of users (including credit information) in order to ensure that users can safely use the Internet services.
③ In the event that users suffered damages because ‘RARE MARKET’ had engaged in unreasonable labeling or advertising prescribed in Article 3 of the Fair Labeling and Advertising Act with respect to goods or services, ‘RARE MARKET’ shall be liable for compensating the damages incurred to users.
④ ‘RARE MARKET’ shall not send advertising e-mails for profits unwanted by the users.

Article 19 Duties of Members for IDs and Passwords
① Members shall have the obligation to have their IDs and passwords under control except for the case of Article 17.
② Members shall not cause a third party to use their own IDs or passwords.
③ In the event that a Member has been aware that his or her ID or password has been stolen or is being used by a third party, the Member shall forthwith notify ‘RARE MARKET’ thereof, and follow the directions of ‘RARE MARKET’, if any.

Article 20 Duties of Users
Users shall not engage in the following activities:
- To register false information at the time of applying for or changing the content of membership;
- To misappropriate third parties’ information;
- To change information posted at ‘RARE MARKET’;
- To transmit or post information other than the information set forth by ‘RARE MARKET’ (including computer software);
- To infringe upon intellectual properties, including ‘RARE MARKET’, any other third party’s copyrights;
- To undermine the reputation of or obstruct businesses of ‘RARE MARKET’ or third parties; or
- To disclose or post on ‘RARE MARKET’ obscene or violent messages, videos, voices, and any other information that is against the public orders and good morals.

Article 21 Reversion of Copyrights and Use Restrictions
① The copyrights and other intellectual property rights to the works prepared by ‘RARE MARKET’ shall revert to ‘RARE MARKET’.
② Without the prior permission of ‘RARE MARKET’, users shall not duplicate, transmit, publish, distribute, broadcast, use by other means for profitable purposes, or cause a third party to use any information acquired in using the services..

Article 22 Dispute Resolution
① ‘RARE MARKET’ shall establish and operate a damages compensation department to ensure that it reflects reasonable opinions or complaints raised by users and compensate for the damages.
② ‘RARE MARKET’ shall first handle complaints or opinions given by a user; provided, however, that where it is difficult to handle them promptly, ‘RARE MARKET’ shall forthwith notify the user of the reasons and action schedules.
③ In the event that a user files an application for remedy of damages with respect to electronic commercial transaction disputes incurred between ‘RARE MARKET’ and the user, ‘RARE MARKET’ may be subject to settlements rendered by the Korea Fair Trade Commission or a dispute settlement authority requested by governors of cities or provinces.
④ The business hours of customer center shall be as follows:
- Weekdays: 1 P.M. ~ 6 P.M. (Saturday/Sunday/Public holiday closed)
- e-mail : customercare@raremarkt.com

Article 23. Jurisdiction and Governing Laws
① Any lawsuit relating to electronic commercial transactions incurred between ‘RARE MARKET’ and a user shall be brought to a competent court of jurisdiction where the user is located at the time of the lawsuit, but where the user does not have an address, it shall be brought to an exclusive jurisdiction of a district court where the user’s domicile is located; provided, however, that where a user’s address or domicile is not clear at the time of a lawsuit or in case of a foreign resident, any lawsuit shall be brought to a competent court of jurisdiction under the Civil Procedure Code.
② Any lawsuit for electronic commercial transactions brought between ‘RARE MARKET’ and users shall be governed by the Korean laws.

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