COLLECTION Fall Winter 2022
Chaotic Neutral
The WE11DONE Fall Winter 2022 collection, entitled “Chaotic Neutral”, continues the harmonious
dialogue of synchronising contradictions. Our mission is not only to disrupt the status quo, but also to
expand the realm of sartorial potential.

Redefining wardrobe essentials into elevated, off-kilter pieces, the collection delves into the power
of oppositions whether through contrasting eras, eclectic silhouettes, or textural dichotomies.

A universe of prospects arises when the aesthetics of 17th century Renaissance meets futuristic
minimalism; grey school uniform flannels and black leathers are paired with high-octane Marabou
feather collars; and crisp tailored shirts exist alongside iridescent sequin eveningwear. The result?
A fresh, anarchic wave transcends to a state of revolutionised neutrality. And much like a mirrored
space, the diametrical possibilities are reflected into infinity and beyond.

With the intertwining of distinctive codes, the devil is in the details – from pearl and spike-accented
jewellery with silk duchesse outerwear to metallic thigh-high boots in confectionery shades that
offset meticulously constructed separates. The aim is to elegantly counterpoise, never to shock.

It’s a brave, new world that we exist in. Here, a “Chaotic Neutral” space where nothing is off-limits, and
opportunities are endless.